DuraEdge Customer Review – Engineered Baseball Infield Soils

My name is James Bergdoll and I’m the turf manager and maintenance superintendent here at the Elizabethtown Sports Park. I took my position in August of 2010 when the park began construction and I was initial in the final stages of design and material specifications for the baseball fields and other aspects of the sports park. When I first came on board, I really didn’t know much about DuraEdge infield products, but started doing a lot of research and was reading a lot of good things about it.

The trouble with any type of material, especially on the level where we have 12 ball diamonds, it takes a lot of maintenance to upkeep that many fields. So we wanted something that was going to actually cut back on our maintenance time and our our inputs with with labor and even water for moisture management.

So we thought the Classic, the DuraEdge Classic was the best approach for the park. It’s got a high sand content which aids in the drying time and even the softness of it allows for the younger age groups to play the ball well and not have to worry about taking a hard bounce off of ground ball or or whatever the case may be.

So we just thought that the Classic would be the best fit for our park. The very first tournament that we had out here, we had a rain event during that tournament and that is where we learned the benefits of the DuraEdge and field material. We had an inch of rain overnight and with very little work the next morning, we were able to get the games back on track without any delay. Yeah, we had some wet spots, but like I said, with very little work, we were able to get those fields ready to go. And I really don’t know if we could have done that with any other material.

So that very first term, it kind of vindicated all that work that I’d put into getting the park built and getting DuraEdge in the park and all that work that that grant put into helping me accomplish that. I mean, all it took was one tournament, one rain event for me to say, you know what, I’m glad I made the right decision. And I think everyone else involved felt the same way. So the DuraEdge has saved my butt many an occasion thus far and probably will continue to in the future.

It builds up my confidence that I can make sure to get every game played as scheduled. Very little delay, if any. And that really saves us because we have a lot of people that come from out of town to expect to play and they don’t want to have to sign up for an event and then not be able to play or pay for a hotel and have to stay in it and not be playing baseball.

We got to play through it all through all types of weather. So that’s where the DuraEdge is really helped us in the past and will continue in the future.

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