How to replace the web drive keyway – ABI Ground Drive Spreader

OK, now you once in a while you’ll run into a problem or you’ll notice. The gear is turning. This gear has two pawls. It has a push pawl, which this one in front pushes the gear around. Then it has a stopping or locking pawl, which is pawl actually locks it so it can’t rock backwards, so it can only advance.

And if you ever notice that this gear is moving around, but the web or conveyor system is not advancing, then what you’ll find is look at it and see this rod is probably then not moving. So the rod or shaft is sitting still, but the gear is moving. These are connected together. So basically you connect the shaft to the ratchet gear with a keyway. It’s a quarter inch by quarter, inch by one inch long keyway. And if that happens, what you need to do, remove your first, remove your upper and lower bolts, take off both pawls and then remove your cotter pin, remove the front bracket. You’ll slide the gear out. You can stop at any local hardware store and get a quarter inch by quarter inch keyway cut off at one inch long. Slide that in the groove of the shaft, then put your gear back on and put everything back together in the opposite order you took it apart.

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