Is a land plane for your tractor the best tool to get your gravel grading and dirt leveling done?

A land plane for a tractor is a common implement used with tractors to get outdoor work done, particularly outdoor work that requires moving, grading, or leveling gravel or dirt. Buying a land plane can be a good way to get some of your outdoor jobs done, but land planes also have some drawbacks, particularly in their lack of versatility. This often leads to needing additional implements to really get the project done you are looking to accomplish. 

Don’t Skip Effective Grading  

Land planes are often used for maintaining driveways, especially when it comes to moving or grading material. But in order to eliminate potholes and re-level your ground, you need to be able to get to the base of the problem. Which is why here at ABI, we don’t settle for a straight leveler, we recommend using an implement that digs deep rather than simply grading the top level like a land plane grader. This is a huge reason ABI utilizes durable scarifiers on our groundwork implements—so you can eliminate the compaction points that will keep causing you issues if they are simply graded over. 

A Leveled Up Land Plane Leveler

Driveway planers are great for their leveling abilities. Leveling your dirt or gravel is a necessary and key function that property owners are looking for when they get a landplane. But what if you don’t have to settle for something that just levels? You don’t have to give up the benefits of a de-compacting and grading tool to get the best driveway leveler

At ABI, we prioritize adjustable, versatile leveling capabilities, which is why our driveway graders have a patented self-leveling box blade—so you get the same leveling ability as you would with a landplane plus the additional decompacting, grading, and finishing finesse.

From Step One to the Final Results

While leveling is a key component to dirt work and gravel maintenance, we like to go the extra mile with our grading attachments and make sure you’re always getting a perfect finish. Our picture-perfect, signature finish is made possible through our innovative finish rake design. This component on our dirt and gravel implements puts the finishing touch on any groundwork project. But like everything else ABI creates, the finish rake has more versatility than just making everything look great; particularly on attachments for smaller tow vehicles, the finish rake can be adjusted to replace a box blade and assist in creating a driveway crown as well as contouring to the slopes you are doing groundwork on. 
When it comes to a landplane attachment, you’ll get everything you need and more with an attachment engineered to have more ground engaging components, maximum adjustibily, and unlimited versatility. Our attachments with landplane capabilities are perfect for gravel driveways and lots, dirt leveling projects, paddocks upkeep, seed prep, food plots, arena care, and so much more.

Which Grading and Leveling Tool is Right for You? 

When we ask “what tool is right for you” what we really mean is “what tool is right for your tow vehicle and for the projects you need to get done?” Whatever tow vehicle you want to utilize, we have a ground engagement tool that can take care of your land plane, box blade, chain harrow, and pulverizer needs. To name a few of our most popular: for tractors, we have the TR3 and the TR3-E Equine Edition or TR3-E Property Edition; for skid steers, the SR series won’t disappoint; and for smaller tow vehicles like an ATV or Gator, the Gravel Rascal Pro is perfect grading, scraping, and leveling tool. 

To learn more about our attachments that are better than a land plane, call a Product Specialist today at (877) 788-7253 or check out all our ground engaging implements here.