Command Tiller

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Commercial-Grade Tiller

The ABI Command Tiller is a welcome addition to the Command Series line of contractor-grade attachments. Built to withstand day-in, day-out use and featuring reverse operation and side-shift-ability, the Command Tiller is sure to earn its keep in your high-demand operation. Quick Hitch compatible! To ensure long service life, the ABI Command Tiller is fitted with a rugged gear box, slip clutch, a lateral #100 chain-drive transmission in oil bath, full-size heavy-duty tiller blades (six per flange), and heavy steel construction. High-carbon steel rotor shaft and outward-turned blades ensure clean rotor supports and maximum working depth. Offset feature does not bind or angle PTO shaft. Sturdy side skids adjust for depth control, and the heavy end gate helps level tilling surface! Lower 3-point mounting pins included. Upper pin and top link sold separately.


Buy Factory-Direct - We Ship To Your Property

ABI attachments are sold direct to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you’re not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.


Quick Hitch Compatible

This product is designed for use with a tractor that has a rear 3-point lift connection and is built to ASAE category 1 standards. Additionally, it is quick hitch compatible which makes connecting the implement to the tractor faster, easier, and safer. ABI recommends the use of a quick hitch system not only for its speed and ease of use, but also for its increased operator safety during the connection and disconnection process. This product is quick hitch compatible, the quick hitch system itself (and required adapter bushings) can be purchased separately from your local tractor dealer.


Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Part #ARTRTL66
Working Width66"
Overall Width:72"
Weight:575 lbs.
Required Horsepower:25-50 HP


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