ABI Arena Rascal Pro
Arena Rascal Pro – ATV / UTV Horse Arena Drag
Arena Rascal Pro – ATV / UTV Horse Arena Drag
Carol’s Story – Arena Rascal Pro – ATV Arena Groomer
Rascal 3-Point Option – For ATVs & 3-point Tractors
Arena Rascal Pro – No Talk All Action – Arena Drag
Demo Day! Food Plot Disc on an ATV/UTV in Backwoods Pasture – ABI Dirt
Arena Rascal Pro – Ed Dabney Product Review
Arena Rascal Pro - ATV Arena Drag & Arena Groomer
Arena Rascal Pro
ABI Gravel Rascal Pro
UTV Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro
UTV Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro
ABI Gravel Rascal Pro
Grading Blade - Small Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro
Pull Behind Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro
ABI Gravel Rascal ATV Grader & UTV Grader
ABI Gravel Rascal Pro - ATV Driveway Grader / UTV Driveway Grader
UTV Driveway Grader - Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro
Arena Rascal Pro
Rascal Pro - Rake Vertical - ATV Scraper Blade - ATV landscape rake
Rascal Pro with 3-point - ATV Grader / UTV Grader & ATV landscape rake
ABI Gravel Rascal Pro - ATV Landscape Rake - ATV Grader
Rascal Pro - ATV Grader / UTV Grader & ATV Landscape Rake
ABI Gravel Rascal Pro
ATV Disc / UTV Disc / Food Plot Disc Option for ABI Gravel Rascal Pro
Rascal ATV Disc / UTV Disc

ABI Arena Rascal Pro

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Pull Behind Arena Drag for ATV & UTV

The Arena Rascal Pro is America's bestselling ATV & UTV horse arena drag! Its versatility enables you to professionally groom horse riding arenas, grade gravel driveways, smooth out dry lots, maintain trails, prep paddocks for seeding, break up manure in pastures, and prep soil for food plots! Versatility outside the arena and precision performance inside the arena is made possible by the Arena Rascal Pro's patented technologies. The included patented Profile Blade evenly cleans compaction below the arena footing surface, ensuring that what the horse sees on the top surface is also what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate the ground! With the versatile Arena Rascal Pro ATV arena drag groomer connected to your ATV, UTV, or sub-compact tractor, you are empowered with a durable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-connect arena groomer that will take your hobby farm or performance horse arena facility to the next level; no tractor required. 4.5', 5.5', 6.5', & 7.5' Widths. 60-month Limited Warranty.

Improve Safety & Reduce Injuries

80% of all soundness problems directly result from poor quality arena footing. Simply grooming the top surface of an arena does not address the dangers under the surface that other arena drags leave behind. Inconsistent compaction at the arena base and variances in the footing depth are significant contributors to injuries resulting in lameness. The Arena Rascal Pro is the only ATV pull behind arena drag designed to address these real footing issues and properly prepare your arena to be a safe environment for your horses!

Elevate Training & Performance

Horses are reactionary and can negatively react to perceived dangers. When a horse is unsure of its footfall on the riding surface, the natural reaction is to tense up and not listen to the cues given from the rider’s seat, legs, or hands. When horses disobey the rider’s cues, the blame is often put on the horse. In reality, it could be due to arena footing that has not been appropriately prepared. The Arena Rascal Pro pull behind arena drag for ATV eliminates this problem by properly preparing the entire footing profile on every pass.

Improve Longevity & Extend Career

Your investment in your horse is not just about time and money; it’s also about your relationship! You don’t have the luxury of buying new horses every few years. When your horses are lame or unable to compete at the next level, your choices become limited to replacement or retirement. The wisest investment you can make in their longevity is the arena footing where you ride and train. The Arena Rascal Pro ATV horse arena drag increasing your horses’ longevity for many years of love and enjoyment!

ATV & UTV Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro


The Arena Rascal Pro delivers premium performance-level arena maintenance results unmatched by other UTV & ATV horse arena drags! This ATV horse arena drag is designed to be easy to use and connect, ensuring frequent usage for better arena consistency. The included patented Profile Blade evenly cleans compaction below the arena footing surface, ensuring that what the horse sees on the top surface is what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate the ground! The rear finishing rake beautifully firms the footing leaving ABI’s signature finish.

  • Eliminate Surface Compaction
  • Smooth Corrugation / Washboarding
  • Create Level & Smooth Riding Surface
  • Create Consistent Footing Depth 
  • Clean Base Of Hidden Compaction
  • Create Quasi Base From Native Material 
  • Blend Footing Particles For Better Stability
  • Eliminate Vegetation At The Root
  • Redistribute & Spread Footing Material
ABI Rascal Pro UTV Driveway Grader & UTV Landscape Rake


The Arena Rascal Pro is also a complete gravel driveway resurfacing system for your ATV or UTV! It recycles existing gravel, creates a level and smooth driving surface, and restores rough potholes and washboard-filled driveways to new! Add the optional electric actuator to collect and drop gravel and dirt where you want it, plus make turnarounds easy! Add the optional mini box blade for even greater grading precision. This UTV arena drag grader has the teeth for tough gravel work!

  • Eliminate Potholes
  • Smooth Corrugation / Washboarding
  • Cut Or Maintain A Crown
  • Recycle Existing Gravel
  • Blend Aggregate Particles
  • Eliminate Vegetation
  • Redistribute & Spread Gravel
Rascal Pro - ATV Grader / UTV Grader & ATV Landscape Rake


After dragging the horse arena and resurfacing the gravel driveway, horse owners can extend the Rascal Pro ATV arena drag rake usage into livestock pastures, paddocks, and dry lots, eliminating the need for a separate chain harrow, landscape rake, or pulverizer. Loosen the soil to reseed thin or bare areas in pastures, smooth out dry lots rutted up by livestock, and breakup and spread manure in paddocks to help improve soil health. ABI’s UTV Arena Groomer is One Tool That Does It All!

ATV Disc / UTV Disc / Food Plot Disc Option for ABI Gravel Rascal Pro


The Arena Rascal Pro’s versatility even extends into soil prep for planting. Use the included ripping teeth to prep pastures and lawn for grass seeding. Or, go extreme and add the optional 14″ notched disc system quickly cultivate and level vegetable gardens & wildlife hunting food plots, eliminating the need for a separate disc, rotary tiller, or plow. One tool does it all!

UTV Grader / ATV Grader & ATV Landscape Rake Gravel Rascal Pro Trail Maintenance


The Arena Rascal Pro is an incredible ATV Arena Groomer that can also maintain and repair off-road trails and paths for horses and motor vehicles alike. The Arena Rascal Pro has the teeth required to power through and level the deep ruts found on ATV, UTV, dirtbike, and snowmobile trails, and the versatility smooth those trails for horse riding as well.

Other drags just scratch & claw from the top down, doing nothing to achieve a smooth and distraction-free footing base, but our patented PROFILE BLADE TECHNOLOGY removes dangerous compaction from beneath the surface, leaving no portion of the footing untouched! At the same time, our tough STEEL FINISH RAKE de-clumps and smooths for a signature finish.

ATV Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro - Profile Blade

Profile Blade Attachment (Patented)

Remove Subsurface Compaction You Can’t See

ABI’s patented Profile Blade attachment is an innovative subsurface cutting blade that works similarly in concept to a sod-cutting knife to eliminate hidden dangers under an otherwise smooth-looking top riding surface. This attachment cuts parallel to the arena grade while riding above the base to remove dangerous compaction layers and aerify the footing. Unlike competitors, the Profile Blade attachment ensures that what the horse and rider see on the top surface is what the horse feels when his hooves penetrate the footing material! This new level of safety helps reduce vet bills and ensures productive time in the ring, as the horse will be more attune to riders’ cues instead of unseen dangers below the surface.

ATV Arena & Driveway Drag Scarifiers - Arena Rascal Pro / Gravel Rascal Pro

Ripping Teeth Attachment

The Teeth For Tough Work

The included adjustable rippers may be exchanged in or out to give the Rascal Pro the teeth for tough work. They are adjustable from 0 – 7″ to get to the bottom of the most demanding jobs, even potholes! They enable the Arena Rascal Pro to be used to maintain gravel driveways, parking lots, prep seedbeds, maintain trails, maintain food plots & so much more! The rigid design, and angle of penetration into the ground, deliver exceptional aggressiveness not matched by any other ATV arena drag available. The tips are replaceable for reduced maintenance costs.

These forward-facing scarifiers should also be occasionally run in arena footing to help remix sand particles sizes, ensuring the footing is well graded for best stability. Over time large footing particles will rise to the top of the footing profile, and the small particles will settle to the bottom. Keeping these particles mixed is crucial to a high-performance footing. This soil grading principle also applies to gravel driveways.

Arena Rascal Pro Pivoting Rake - ATV Arena Drag


Create A Beautiful & Stable Signature Finish

The rear rake pulverizes and breaks up clumps of material and leaves a beautiful signature finish behind in the arena. By adjusting the rear manual jack, the Arena Rascal Pro’s 1/2″ thick hardened-steel-rake can pivot up to 90° into various finishing and grading positions. This adjustability enables the rake to pulverize clods of material, level, and finish no matter the material consistency. This functionality allows the Arena Rascal Pro to beautifully groom and renovate horse arenas. Outside of the arena, it can grade gravel driveways, repair washed-outs, leave a perfect uncompressed seedbed, and even break up manure lying on the pasture. The rake is replaceable in one-foot sections to reduce maintenance costs.

Wheel Lift - ATV Arena Groomer

Patented Wheel-Lift System

Easy To Connect, Even Easier To Use

The operator is in complete control with the Arena Rascal Pro’s patented wheel-lift system! Without a wheel-lift system, pull-behind implements are uncontrollable. The system is operated with a manual jack on top of the Arena Rascal Pro in a standard configuration. Turning this jack raises and lowers the wheels, which raises and lowers the frame and ground contact points. Optionally, the system may also be operated from the seat of the tow vehicle with the electric actuator (as shown). The wheel-lift system serves three purposes: 1) It lifts the attachment off the ground for easy transport all around the property. 2) It allows the operator to gauge the max penetration depth of the Rascal into the surface and controls the collection and release of material while grading. 3) Easy swapping of underbelly components is allowed with the wheels down and the frame lifted.

Wheel - ATV Arena Groomer

Large Stabilizing & Transport Wheels

Easily Create Consistent Footing Throughout The Arena

The large 16.5″ tall x 8″ wide high-quality wheels have replaceable high-speed hubs, spindles, and bearings for long service life. They are a critical part of the patented Wheel-Lift-System and allow quick and easy transport over almost any terrain around the property. They also stabilize the arena drag from sinking in or pitching side-to-side in loose material to ensure consistency of grooming depth, especially when maneuvering tight turns on a second grooming pass.

Pitch Adjustment

Ground Contact Pitch Adjustment

The turn-knuckle on the top of the Arena Rascal Pro enables adjustment over the ground-engaging pitch of the Profile Blade or Ripping Teeth for a variety of applications and soil types. The adjustment also allows the Rascal to be used with various tow vehicle hitch heights.

Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

Push A Button, Get Work Done!

This industrial grade actuator is powerful, rugged, and finely tuned for easy operation of the Rascal from the seat of the tow vehicle. It is most commonly used to lift the ATV arena drag for transport, raise the tool for tight turns over areas you do not want to disturb, cut-&-fill grade material, and set the depth of the ripping teeth or profile blades. While grading is possible without additional options, we HIGHLY recommend this electric actuator to control the wheel-lift system from the seat of the tow vehicle. This option dramatically enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Rascal for “cut-&-fill” grading and spreading applications. It includes all hardware and wiring needed to attach to a 12v battery and includes a convenient handlebar mounted controller. This controller enables easy operation while keeping both hands on the handlebars of the quad bike, ATV, or UTV. An optional wireless remote controller is also available. A manual crank jack is standard.

Wireless Remote For Actuator

The wireless remote upgrade works with any ABI actuator purchased after June 1st, 2013. Now you can control the Rascal’s wheel-lift system from almost anywhere. Our wireless system has two key fobs and is all-weather sealed for use with multiple tow vehicles or operators at the same job site. This complete wireless kit offers easy plug-&-play installation.

ATV Rail Or Wall Blade - ATV Arena Drag - Arena Rascal Pro

Rail / Wall / Fence Blade

Eliminate Hours Of Back Breaking Work

The optional Rascal Pro rail blade eliminates footing material buildup along the arena wall or rail and pulls it away. This option saves hours of back-breaking labor by eliminating the need to manually rake out vehicle-accessible arena edges. The breakaway shear bolt and edge marker stake pocket assist the operator with damage-free operation near wood fences, walls, and rails. (Edge Marker Stake not included, available at local hardware)


3-Point Conversion Kit

To Be, Or Not To Be… A 3-Point Drag

ABI offers a Rascal 3-point option to convert the standard Rascal for ATVs and UTVs into the ultimate 3-point tool for sub-compact tractors. Once installed, Rascal owners may swap between a pull-behind drag and a 3-point drag in under 1 minute with no tools required. This fantastic versatility for one arena drag to work with ATVs, UTVs, and tractors is ideal for landowners who prefer to use a different tow vehicle for varying jobs or operators. It fits existing Rascal models that have a removable tow bar tongue. Compatible with CAT I and Limited CAT I 3-point hitch types for tractors under 35 horsepower.

ABI Rascal Mini-Box Blade ATV Box Scraper / UTV Box Scraper

Mini-Box Blade

Flex Your Earth Moving Muscles

The optional Mini-Box Blade gives the ABI Arena Rascal Pro extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. Paired with the optional electric actuator, the operator can quickly and effectively level an arena or driveway, collect loosened debris & rocks, and fill in low areas in paddocks and dry lots! The serrated box edge is ideal for gravel and soil materials. The mini-box even enables the establishment of a crown on a gravel driveway when used on the current design Rascal with an adjustable wheel block.

ABI Gravel Rascal / Arena Rascal Pro - ATV Food Plot Disc Option

Food Plot Disc

Go Ahead & Play In The Woods

Are you looking to make the most of your investment in a multi-purpose ATV/UTV attachment? How about transforming your arena drag into a food plot disc harrow with real muscle. The optional Food Plot Discs for the Arena Rascal Pro are 14″ in diameter and disc up to six inches deep!

Learn More

In addition to arena footing maintenance, the ripping teeth of the Arena Rascal Pro make it the ultimate property maintenance tool. In fact, because the teeth are “fixed” and not spring loaded, they make it easy to break up the hardest soil or gravel roads.

Limited Warranty For Farm, Ranch, and Commercial Tools

60-month Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 60-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.


Commercial-Quality Construction

At the core of the Arena Rascal Pro ATVs arena drag is a welded main frame built upon 3″ x 3″ tube steel. The frame is fully welded, except at pivoting joints, for rugged and long-lasting service life. Every component of the Arena Rascal Pro is truly commercial-grade to take the abuse of hours of daily use. Commercial-quality construction and design excel when other ATV arena drags fail! The Arena Rascal Pro is the toughest and most versatile ATV arena drag on the market.

Proudly manufacturered in the USA

Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America–and so do we! That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. This attention to detail creates products that are durable, reliable, and ready to do your toughest work–day after day.

Direct To Property

Buy Factory-Direct

ABI’s attachments are sold directly to the customer over the phone and internet and shipped via a common-carrier truck to your property! This factory-direct business model eliminates the middleman and dealer markups allowing ABI to provide better attachments for the money. Buying direct also ensures that you’re not limited to a local dealer’s in-stock inventory; instead, you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer, and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. We think this is a better way to do business, as it gives you more options, and you get to work directly with the people who design and build attachments.

Arena Rascal Pro R4.5 R5.5 R6.5 R7.5
Width 4.5' 5.5' 6.5' 7.5'
Unit Weight 300 lbs. 339 lbs. 379 lbs. 475 lbs.
# of Rippers 5 7 9 11
Profile Blade Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Min CC Rating 4WD 400cc 500cc 600cc 700cc
Min. H.P. Rating 4WD 18 h.p. 20 h.p. 25 h.p. 30 h.p.
Hitch Type Pin (Optional 2" Ball) Pin (Optional 2" Ball) Pin (Optional 2" Ball) Pin (Optional 2" Ball)
3-Point Hitch Optional (For CAT 0 & I) Optional (For CAT 0 & I Optional (For CAT 0 & I Optional (For CAT 0 & I


ABI Arena Rascal Pro
Connection Ltd. CAT I 3-Point, Pin Hitch / Drawbar, Ball Hitch
Power Range 18 – 23 h.p. Tractor, 23 – 38 h.p. Tractor, 400 – 600 cc ATV/UTV, 600 – 1,000+ cc ATV/UTV
Tow Vehicle ATV / UTV, Tractor, ATV, UTV, Sub-Compact Tractor
Size , , ,
Other Attributes NO Hydraulics Needed, NO PTO Needed, Wireless Remote Optional, Wired To Battery Optional

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    Nice product

  2. Dan Howard

    Works well but you need to put warning on the receiver that it will lift when you release the latch other then that it works well

  3. Dan Howard

    Works well but I would like to have roller on the back instead of the rack I need a little compaction

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