Clinton Anderson discusses the TR3 Rake

Now, Scott, we’ve come outside here. Describe to the viewers what piece of equipment we’ve got here mate. This is called the TR3 rake. It’s a three point tractor tool. It’s made to fit behind the back of the tractor. We make sizes of these anywhere from four foot for small compact tractor, that’s 18 horsepower all the way to 14 foot wide, for 100 horsepower. So there’s a wide range of widths, but they all come with the same basic concepts. They all have three points of contact to them. Therefore, the named TR3.

What is that?

It’s got a floating drag bar. I’m going to demonstrator this for you. That blade up front, instead of being locked down like a box scraper, actually will move as it carries soil. So it catches a high spot, floats, and is always throwing soil underneath the blade. So instead of going around with a box scrape or a blade and watching your grade by hand. The tool is naturally taking out the high spots and filling in the low spots, and you don’t have to have a skilled operator.

That makes sense.

All right. So that’s that’s the first thing that comes in contact with the soil. The second thing we have are what we call scarifying or ripping teeth. These teeth are adjustable anywhere from zero to seven inches. We actually do it for like the barrel racers and the cutters. We do have longer shanks that would go up to nine or 10 inches. And those teeth are adjustable. You can either adjust them with hydraulic controls or just by manually.

So you can get a quite a bit of depth and you can get some higher ground. You can dig it out.

Exactly. It’s great for gravel roads. It’s a great multi-purpose tool. It’ll go well on gravel roads. Ripping out vegetation. It was actually made for landscapers in the original concept. So we have thousands and landscapers nationwide who put in lawns, do gravel roads, the whole the whole bit you can aerate pastures with it. It’s just a great multi functional tool.

So you’ve got your self leveling blade. You’ve got your scarifying, you’re ripping teeth that will loosen. You can take them out of play. Some people don’t want to play. That’s OK. They don’t have to be there. Then the last thing you have is you have that you finish rake your comb, which allows the soil to flow through, create a top one or two inches of fluff. All right. And so you got your leveling, you’re ripping, and you’re raking action on every pass. We built the thing so that at an angle when it’s in play, all three points are touching at the same time. You don’t have to go out and blade your arena, then rip it.

So it saves quite a bit of time.

It saves a lot of time. Most people go out with a box scraper, a pulverize, or a York rake. You know, I don’t have three or four pieces of equipment. This is everything in one. We have many customers who will call us back immediately and say, I just did my one mile gravel roads and I just saved bringing in truckloads of new dirt because it actually rips it up re-levels it, and makes it look like you brought new material in.

Aerating your pasture. We have an option of aerating shanks, that you can put aerators in here and you can aerate. Ripping out vegetation to create a paddock, or going out and re-seeding a pasture. One of the things that makes this tool very enticing to the audience or to the buyer is that you’re not spending a lot of money for just an arena drag. You’re spending money for a great multi-purpose farm tool.

Obviously a good product. It’s got a lot of uses.

Absolutely. Yeah.

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