Clinton Anderson

Horsemanship & Reining




Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Lives In: Stephenville, TX

Horses of a Lifetime

Mindy (Pillamindi Doll)
Diez (Rooster's Ten)
Titan (Epic Titan)

Why Reining

I love the precision and excitement of reining. To excel at the top levels, you have to have a partnership with your horse and he has to be an incredible athlete that's trained to respond off a feather-light cue. There's nothing better than working with a talented horse with a big heart. Developing a champion isn't something that happens overnight but the hard work and the hours training are always worth it.


Gordon McKinlay and Ian Francis


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To be the best horseman I can possibly be and to share my method of horse training with people to give them the knowledge to create a safe, fun and willing partnership with their horses.

About Me

A native Australian, I came to the United States in 1997 with $400 in my pocket and a big dream. In less than 10 years, I established Downunder Horsemanship and created the Method, my step-by-step approach to horsemanship, and Downunder Horsemanship earned international recognition.

I’ve spent the last 20 years traveling around the country and developing home-study courses and training aides to teach people how to establish safe, fun and willing partnerships with their horses.

While I enjoy helping people better their partnerships with their horses, my true passion is breeding, raising, training and competing world-class performance horses. After 20 years of building Downunder Horsemanship, I’m now at a position where I can focus on my goal of becoming a world-champion competitor.

Most important lesson learned the hard way

When I was apprenticing with Gordon McKinlay, and I didn’t follow his instructions and got on a colt before the horse was ready to ride and ended up getting thrown off him. It taught be a valuable lesson – always prepare your horse before getting on his back, especially young horses. A good rule to follow: If a horse has had fewer than 45 rides in his life and has had a break or extended time off, do groundwork with him to get him tuned into you and using the thinking side of his brain before you get in the saddle.

Other disciplines you’ve tried

I started by taking English riding lessons as a kid. As a teenager, I competed in Polocrosse. (Polocrosse combines the athleticism of Polo and the coordination of Lacrosse)

Dinner with any celebrity

Bill Burr. He’s a comedian. He does a podcast every Monday morning, and I don’t miss it.

Something you’re afraid of

I’m deathly afraid of snakes. I see a snake, I take off running and screaming like a little girl. In my defense, I grew up in Australia, where the most deadly snakes in the world are. I was taught from a young age to have a healthy respect, or in my case, fear of snakes. I learned early on to keep an eye out for snakes, and when I saw one, I ran like hell.

My Go-To ABI Tool

ABI Dragmaster. I use it every day! One of the best investments I’ve made to ensure I can bring out each of my horses’ best performances.