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The ABI Force is the only infield groomer that has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of caring for the game. This means more than just grooming the top surface of your infield skins before games. It means properly preparing the whole infield profile so that it is safe and playable.

It is one thing for an infield groomer to make the ground look good, but it is another thing for your groomer to make it safe. Hard spots under the surface are seldom addressed with traditional bunker rakes and drop-and-drag attachments. It takes the patented design of the ABI Force, and its purpose-built attachments, to eliminate hard and soft spots and the high and low areas on base paths and around bases.
No one can enjoy the game if the game cannot be played. Mother Nature can wreak havoc on game days and traditional infield groomers and bunker rakes simply do not stand a chance. Only the ABI Force, with its patented hydraulic spring system and attachments, can take on the worst conditions and make your infields playable in time for the game.

Purpose-Built Infield Groomer
The ABI Force is a revolutionary, zero turn, self-propelled machine packed with "purpose-built" features and attachments designed specifically for infields. It eliminates the need to rely on bunker rakes created for the golf industry. The ABI Force is built to give you the control necessary to prepare and maintain the safest and most playable infields possible.

Precision Maneuverability
The ABI Force has a zero turn chassis that provides industry leading efficiency and control. This maneuverability means significantly less time to complete tasks and improve results.
Hydraulic Spring
Unparalleled Control
The patented hydraulic spring system gives the operator unparalleled, fine-tuned control of attachments for all varieties of finesse and aggressive field work.
Hydraulic Spring

Profile Blade
Fine Finish Broom
Box Blade
Plug Aerator
Laser System

Mid and Rear Mount Attachments
The attachments have been designed by leading industry professionals. As a result, ABI Sports Turf has reimagined attachment design to ensure that all three phases of proper infield maintenance can be achieved with just one machine. Now you can quick-swap between attachments that groom, prepare, and renovate to maintain the most pristine playing surfaces or reclaim long neglected, weed-covered fields.

Multi-Purpose Attachments
While the ABI Force is foremost a commercial-grade infield groomer, it is also the facility manager's most versatile sports turf machine. The ABI Force excels at reducing soil compaction, spreading seed, leveling, managing weeds, fertilizing, spreading conditioner, cutting clean edges, plug aerating, and maintaining gravel. Simply add these available attachments to maximize your return on investment.

You have seen the innovation and dramatic differences between the ABI Force and the traditional drop-and-drag bunker rakes. However, features by themselves don't necessarily justify an investment. The ABI Force provides multiple advantages over traditional infield groomers.

Customer Testimonial - City of Columbus Parks and Recreation
Customer Testimonial
Enhance player safety with fewer bad hops, level base paths, consistent player footing, clean edge lines, and compaction relief.
Play more games, even after challenging weather events, protecting facility revenues and team schedules.
Return on investment
Prepare fields significantly faster with zero-turn efficiency. Elevate facility image and quality to attract more games. Eliminate the need for maintenance and operator training of separate single-purpose turf management machines.

Grant McKnight - DuraEdge President
DuraEdge Partnership
The partnership between ABI Sports Turf and DuraEdge has a significant impact on those who purchase an ABI Force. Unlike other infield grooming equipment companies, ABI has the world's leading expert who is on the front lines of infield design and maintenance working directly with our engineers to provide the very best infield equipment in the world. DuraEdge has installed two thirds of major league infields, as well as thousands of Division I, II and III colleges, high schools and parks and recreation complexes throughout the United States. The knowledge and expertise that DuraEdge and Grant McKnight bring to ABI Sports Turf is reflected in the design of our equipment. This knowledge and expertise is exclusive to ABI Sports Turf and our customers.

U.S. Patents 7,478,682, 8,944,176, 9,332,687 & other patents pending
ABI Force Specs
18 hp
3 Patents
2 Patents Pending
24/36 mo

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